SCHOOL AND eco-tourism

As usual after repeated semesters, school students often conduct tours or tours to various places if solely for entertainment or education. But indirectly we can apply the concept of the environment by traveling through Ecotourism.

Eco-tourism or ecotourism is environmentally sound tourism activities with emphasis on nature conservation aspects, aspects of social empowerment, cultural, economic, local communities and aspects of learning and education.

Tours are not just observing the birds, riding a horse in the wilderness tracking ability, but has been associated with the concept of forest conservation and local residents. Ecotourism is a mix of interests that grew out of concerns about environmental, economic, and social. Ecotourism can not be separated with conservation, ecotourism olehkarenanya referred to as a form of responsible travel.

Ecotourism is a form of tourism is very closely with prinsif conservation. Even eco-tourism development strategy also uses the conservation strategy. Thus ekoturiseme very precise and efficient in maintaining the integrity and  authenticity of the ecosystem in the area which is still natural.  Even with ecotourism, environmental conservation can be improved.

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