Eco-efficiency may be a form of environmental stewardship. The use of existing resources as effectively as possible to meet human needs and desires nd a waste of resources and reduce waste so that the potential impact on the environment goes down can be as eco-efficiency.

Exploitation of natural resources at random and uncontrollable has resulted in environmental damage and cause depletion of inventories of natural resources. Put simply there are many things we can do related to the implementation of the concept of eco-efficiency, be it at home, at school, or in the office.

Some of them are:
• Check pipes or faucets on a regular basis
• fix a leak if
• Use tap water faucet that turns itself off after a certain time
• Store food in a dry place
• Turn off lights in unused rooms
• Use the room key as light switches so that lights automatically    turn off when the room is locked
• Planting trees, shrubs, and grasses to reduce glare and temperature.
• Use natural light as much as possible
• Set the AC is not too cold
• Use of mass bicycle.

by Peni Faridah Kh

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