It’s necessary to know:

• One pocket of plastic needs 400 years to be degraded naturally, plastic bottle needs 600 years, whereas Styrofoam can’t be degraded. So apprehensive, mot of wastes we throw will reside thousand year even a million years o the ground without cant’be degraded.
• Paper needs 3-6 months to be degraded.
• Cloth needs 6 months-1 year.
• Cigarette and gum need 5 years
• Painted wood needs 13 years
• Nylon needs 30 years
• Metal need 100 years

What’s a pity, most of plastic wastes come from household. Every family no realize comsumed plastic wastes. Everything packaged by plastics, nothing packaged by leaf. Imagine, how the future of our offspring if their parents without realize destroy the environment that wil be leaved later.

To keep the environment clean must begin from the small thing and begins from home. If environmental consciousness life design has been applicated in the house, healyhy environment will be formed automatically.

To minimalize the wastes is a very simple thing, the difficult is how to built the attention for the expedient. The right concept to minimalize wastes is with 5R, that is:
– Take a basket or a big plastic when you go shopping
– Don’t use paper too much. We can use the paper on the both of its side.
– Make some pocket, bag, purse, and other household equipment from the plastic wastes that was sewed.
– Restrict buying food thad packaged by plastics, perhaps we can use bowl that can be used repeteadly.
– Use disposal just for travelling or just for night.
– We can process all plastics wastes ang paper wastes become a new product
– If some household equipment damage, we shouldn’t buy a new but we can repair it first. So we can reduce wastes that will be resulted
– replant will add oxygen on the air also it will reduce the possibility of gobal warming that cause a very horryfying effects to the environment. Replant also prevent flood and landslide.

The concepts have introduced to the society along time ago, but there is no impact in the reality. Just some of discipline people that can do that. The problem is there is no competen people for this, habitual society using plastic package, and using a mistake method.

That is why we must be accustomed to select and divide wastes in the house, office or anywhere you are, and then prepare two trash bin:
1. Espesiallly for organic wastes (leaf, fruit skin, vegetable rest)
2. Another for anorganic wastes (bottle, plastic, tin, B3 wastes like battery, rubber)
After dividing, wastes will be processed:
1. organic waste will be composted by some way, like this :
Tradisional compost, usually use a big plastig or trash bin
Hang compost, use pot that hanged
Dye compost. Like make a tea, we can make a dye compost so we can get a liquid fertilizer.
Composted by microorganism
Composted by earthworm
2. Plastic wastes and paper waste are recycled and made a new thing.

We hope at least we can reduce the wastes in the last exile because we had processed it at home. And by dividing dividing wastes to anorganic and organic wastes made easier the cleanliness officer job and our environment will more clean and healthy.

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